Welcome To HappyBidDay!

Welcome to HappyBidDay.com!

HappyBidDay is not a traditional auction site. Our unique site offers an exciting auction shopping experience where you can save 60% – 90% on your favorite products. Score amazing deals on iPads, TVs, gaming consoles, precious metals, and much more!

Since our model is different than traditional auctions, we want to make sure we explain exactly how everything works. Click through the topics below or to the left to learn more, and check out our How It Works page for more information.


This Help Section topic covers everything you need to know about HappyBidDay auctions. Learn about our auction types, auction features, and how to get started.

Bids and Bidding

Learn about the types of bids we offer and how to buy them.This section also covers information about our bid-earning Rewards Program and our auto-bid software tool, BidRunner.

Account Management

This topic provides information about your HappyBidDay account. Here, you can learn how to view your bid balances, change your password, and more.

Payment Information

The section covers how to pay for bids and won auction items.

Shipping & Delivery

Here you can read about our shipping policies and services and learn how to address shipping inquiries and issues.

Returns & Warranties

This section covers details about product returns and warranties.