Reserve RVIB Auctions

Our RVIB auctions are loaded with incredible incentives. When you participate inĀ  auction the more you bid the more you limit the competition because once the hidden RVIB price is met NO NEW BIDDERS can join the auction.

How It Works:

These auctions have a hidden RVIB price. Once RVIB price is met no new bidders may join the auction. This means the more you bid before the RVIB price is met the more you limit your competition.

If the RVIB price is not met, the auction is canceled, but no worries you get all your bids back PLUS an additional 10% just for participating in the auction.

Both winners and non-winners of the auction get 20% of their bids back. Of course this means that RVIB price was met.

RVIB auctions have their own win limits with no locks.


Reserve VIB Not MetReserve VIB Met