Payment Information

This section helps you understand how to pay for bids and how to pay for your won auction items. Click through the topics on the left to learn more.

Payment Information FAQs

When does my option to Buy It expire?

The Buy It option expires 3 days after the auction ends and will no longer be available in your account. Sorry, no extension for payment will be granted.

I won an auction, how do I pay for it?

Log in. Click My Account from the top menu, then Won Auctions from the left navigation. Click the Purchase button next to your item, and follow the instructions on the secure payment page to complete the transaction.

My credit card was charged but my item is still showing unpaid. What happened?

If your item shows “unpaid,” it’s because your transaction did not complete. Still, you may see a charge on your credit card statement as many credit card companies will place a pre-authorization hold on your card when you input it to make a purchase, regardless of whether you complete it. If you attempt to make a purchase and get an error, you may see this kind of pending charge on your statement. The pending amount will drop off in a few days and you can try your purchase again at any time.

Can I have more time to pay for my won items?

We will accommodate one extension request per customer. Please send your request through the Contact Us page. Provide the auction ID and the date you can make payment.

Why am I being charged international fees?

Some U.S. and International cardholders can be affected by “International Service Fees” depending on their issuing bank (the bank providing them with their credit card). These fees can appear on the cardholder credit card statement as “INTL Service Fee” or sometimes will be built-in to the total transaction charge (usually between 1% to 3% on top of the transaction total).

It is important to understand that these fees are being charged by your bank and not by, the acquiring bank nor the merchant. These fees are also not a currency conversion fee. Regardless of the fact that merchants are processing in USD funds, some credit card issuers recognize these transactions as “International” and choose to charge a service fee accordingly.

Not all cardholders are affected by these charges as this is an optional fee collected by their bank. Cardholders that are concerned with these charges should contact their bank and discuss the possibility of having the fee removed or changing to a card issuing bank that chooses not to charge these fees.

How can I dispute a charge?

If you have questions about a charge, please Contact Us so we can help.