What Is Buy It?

How Buy It Works

Buy It Auctions are an exciting way to get your favorite products at HappyBidDay. You can bid to win – just like all of our auctions – and now with our Buy It feature, even if you don’t win, you still have the opportunity to make the item yours.

How the Buy It Feature Works

Anytime you see the shopping cart icon  on a HappyBidDay auction item, it means that item can be purchased by non-winners when the auction ends. If you win, it’s treated just like any other auction (you pay for your won item and we process it). If you don’t win, you can now choose to purchase the item for the listed retail value and get your Penny Bids back. Promo Bids used in Starter Auctions are excluded. All items purchased through the “Buy It” feature are considered final sale and such items cannot be returned once they are shipped.

Once the auction ends, you have 3 days to use the Buy It feature and you can make your purchase 2 different ways:

1. Buy It from the Product Page. Make your purchase immediately after the auction ends by clicking the BUY IT NOW button from the product page.

2. Buy It from Your Account. If you want to come back later to make your purchase, you can use the Buy It feature from your account. Simply log in, go to “My Account”, then click “Buy It Auctions” from the left navigation and find your item. Just remember, the Buy It option expires 3 days after the auction ends and will no longer be available in your account. Sorry, no extension for payment will be granted.