Getting Started

Ready to start saving? Getting started is easy!

First, Get Registered. Before you can start bidding, you will need to have an account. From the home page, simply click the yellow registration button in the upper right-hand corner.

Next, Purchase Bids for our 1-Cent Auctions. To participate in our 1-Cent Auctions you will first need to have bids in your account. We have a variety of bid packs to choose from — and, the bigger the pack, the bigger the savings. Then, simply look for the icon to get bidding!

Or, look for a bid pack in our Free-to-Bid Happy Auctions. You can also get bids for our 1-Cent Auctions by winning a bid pack in our Free to Bid Happy Auctions. Simply look for auctions with the  icon and  button to get bidding!

The Auction Timer. This tells you how much time remains in the auction. Once it’s down to the final seconds, each bid placed tacks a couple of extra seconds onto the timer.  Think of this like the “Going once… Going twice…” call in a traditional auction.  It gives all bidders an equal opportunity to bid again.

The Winner. When the Auction Timer reaches 0:00 and there are no more bidders, if you’re the last person to place a bid, you WIN the auction for the final auction price!

Didn’t win? No worries! Whenever you see the Buy It icon, it means that if you don’t win the auction, you have the opportunity to purchase the product at its retail value and get the bids you spent in the auction back.