Types of Bids

There are two types of bids you’ll see at HappyBidDay: Free Bids and Penny Bids.

Smiley Face IconFree-to-Bid: Like the name suggests, these bids are 100% free and unlimited! The only cost is paying for your won item.


One CentPenny Bids: These are bids you’ve purchased. These can be bids you’ve won through an auction or from a bid pack you’ve purchased from HappyBidDay. These bids can be used in any of our 1-Cent Auctions to win great products such as TVs, laptops, tablets, computers and much more! Click here to purchase Penny Bids.

Promo Bids: These bids are for our newest users and can be used exclusively on our Starter Auctions. Promo bids are a fantastic way to assist you in getting comfortable with our auctions while winning some great items.

You can always see how many bids you have by looking at the top-right of your screen. The login bar will always display your current bid balance, but you can also view this information within your account by clicking here.

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