BidRunner Tool

The BidRunner is HappyBidDay’s auto-bid tool that bids on your behalf. The BidRunner is ideal for times when you can’t physically be at your computer to bid on an auction, or when you’re bidding on multiple auctions at once. To use it, just set the parameters for how many bids you are willing to spend and the price points you’re comfortable bidding within.

Entering a BidRunner
Entering a BidRunner
BidRunner Accepted
BidRunner Accepted

How to Setup Your BidRunner

  1. Select the auction you would like to bid on (BidRunner is located on the bottom right side of the auction page).
  2. Start Price – Enter the price at which you would like the BidRunner to start bidding (example $2.00).
  3. End Price – Enter the price at which you would like the BidRunner to stop bidding (example $3.00).
  4. Number of Bid Requests – Enter the total number of bid requests you would like to place (example 50). The multiplier will show along with the total bids to be used.
  5. Click “ADD”.
  6. Your new BidRunner will be displayed immediately.
  7. You can view your BidRunners for all auctions on the My BidRunner page (click on the MY ACCOUNT menu option and then My BidRunners).
Entering a Capped BidRunner
Entering a Capped BidRunner
Capped BidRunner Accepted
Capped BidRunner Accepted

Setting your BidRunner for Capped Auctions

  1. For Capped Auctions, BidRunners can either be set by a price range OR by the number of bid requests to fire at the Capped Price.
  2. When using the price range, the End Price cannot be set higher than the Capped Price.  If the BidRunner has bids remaining when the auction reaches the Capped Price, it will continue firing until all bids are used.
  3. Once the auction reaches the Capped Price, you will no longer have the option to specify a price range for your BidRunner (because there is no longer a range – it’s fixed).  In this scenario, your only option is to specify the total number of bid requests you want it to fire at the Capped Price.
  4. Once the auction reaches the Capped Price, a maximum of (2) BidRunners can be set at one time, and a maximum of 100 bid requests (total) can be scheduled to fire.


  • A BidRunner can be deleted any time BEFORE it starts bidding for you.  Once your BidRunner begins bidding, it cannot be deleted.
  • If you reach your win limits while a BidRunner is actively bidding for you, it will automatically be canceled and any unused bids will be returned to your account.
  • Users can set a maximum of 1200 BidRunner bid requests with a maximum of 600 BidRunner bid requests per auction at any given time.
  • Special limitations apply to new customers. Within in the first week of sign-up, users may only set one BidRunner at a time with a maximum of 50 BidRunner bid requests. This limitation is lifted after 1 week.