Auction Features

HappyBidDay auctions can have a number of features attached to them. These features are identified by auction icons, pictured below. Each icon symbol means something different and to get the most out of your HappyBidDay experience, it’s important to understand what they all mean. Look for these icons (some auctions have multiple) to know which features apply to any given auction.

Buy It AuctionsBuy It Auctions: This auction feature gives non-winners the option to purchase the product and get their bids back once the auction ends. If you don’t win a Buy It Auction, you will still have 3 days to purchase the item at the retail price (and we will replenish any bids you spent back into your account).

Starter Penny AuctionsStarter Auctions: This auction feature is designed to limit the competition. It gives our new bidders a fair opportunity to understand how the auctions work and develop a winning strategy.These auctions are available exclusively to bidders without any 1-Cent Auction wins and will not count towards your win limits.

VIB Penny AuctionsVIB (Very Important Bidder) Auctions: This auction feature prevents new bidders from joining the auction once it reaches a certain price (no auction “jumpers”). You can see the VIB price at any time by hovering your mouse over the VIB icon.

Capped AuctionsCapped Auctions: This auction feature caps the price of the auction once it reaches a certain price; the auction will continue until the timer reaches 0:00, and no other bids are placed. You can see the Capped Price any time by hovering your mouse over the stop sign icon.

Bids Back Penny AuctionsBids Back Auctions: This auction feature gives the auction winner 25% of their bids back. For example: if you spend 100 bids on an auction and win, as soon as you pay for your item, we will deposit 25 bids back into your account.